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R-BLOX Sound Control offers an excellent line of mobile sound control products that are both affordable effective in reducing road noise and rattles.

R-Blox Sound Deadening material is excellent for restoration projects. R-Blox Sound Deadening material can also be used by industries such as car audio, home audio, limos, coach buses, motor homes, trailers, golf carts, heavy diesel equipment, industrial machinery, washers, dryers, computers, and many other thermal and vibration related industries! The use of R-Blox Sound Deadening material is virtually unlimited!

We recommend using R-Blox Extreme, 70 Mil thick sound deadening material on the floor and roof to control road and vibration noises.

1 Roll 18" x 33.3' (70 Mil Thick), 50 Sq Ft, $180 (includes instructions)